eSim Purchase Tutorial

A few people have put together walk throughs on Instagram as well

Airalo: Click here for how to use Airalo

Go to

  1. Choose which eSim you can afford (In this tutorial I’ll be choosing the $14 eSim)
  2. Then click the checkout button. It will take you to a create account screen

3. Create your account

4. It will ask for a passcode. Check your email for a 4 letter code and type it in. It will take you to the next page

5. Scroll to the bottom of the checkout page and click the bottom 2 boxes

6. Wait a few seconds for the payment section to pop up and insert your card

7. Hit complete purchase and then you’ll see a “Hooray” page

8. Go to your email and you’ll see a subject line of:
‘Here is how you access your Nomad plan!’

9. Click on the email and you’ll see a QR code like this:

10. Forward the email to

If you’re using Gmail: