eSims for Gaza

NOTICE: Please only send eSims to There are other sites that ask for you to upload eSim directly somewhere, don’t do it!

The infrastructure needed to access the Internet in Gaza has been destroyed by bombing and the Israeli government has blocked access.

eSIMs are virtual SIM cards which allow people to connect to the outside world, to communicate with their families, show what’s happening in Gaza and to get an education.

Over 300,000 eSIMs have been donated, with many people able to connect through one eSIM.

How do I donate eSIMs?

Several companies offer eSIMs that work in Gaza

  1. [Most Needed] Nomad – Middle East (5% off discount code NOMADCNG)
  2. Holafly – Israel OR Egypt (5% off discount code HOLACNG)
  3. Simly – Palestine or Middle East (in app)
  4. MOGO – Israel
  5. Airalo - Global Discover

If you would like to make a donation of several eSIMs, Holafly offers this option.

Need a walkthrough on how to purchase an eSim? Click here!

Once you have purchased eSIMs:
  1. DO NOT activate it
  2. Find the QR code in the email
  3. Screenshot the QR code
  4. Send the screenshot to
If your eSim is close to expiring and hasn't been activated, read this section

Are you in Gaza and need an eSim?

Contact or mention @Mirna_elhelbawi or @SpeakUp_00 on Twitter (X)

Spread the word locally!

Here is a pamphlet that you can print and fold, to spread the word.

Download PDF

Spread the word online!

You can follow the two main leaders of the efforts:

  1. @Mirna_elhelbawi
  2. @SpeakUp_00
  1. @Mirna_elhelbawi


Why isn’t my donated eSim Activated yet?

Please see this instagram post by Mirna on a few reasons why this may be:

What else you can do:
Are you in Gaza and received an eSim?

Click the link here: كيفية تفعيل eSIM

Do you have a non-activated eSim and want to donate?

Please send a clear screen shot of the QR code to:

Other FAQs

Where can I find more info?

You can follow the two main leaders of the efforts at

NOTICE:Please only send eSims to There are other sites that ask for you to upload eSim directly, don’t do it! is the only official way to send eSims to the initiative! Thank you 😊

About us

This effort is run by Mirna El Helbawi, they have been distributed to Journalists and many others in need.

News articles covering the project include:

Other groups have voiced their support, such as SpeakUp

Below are tweets confirming eSims have been delivered